Industrial Coatings Contractors

36545 Old Perkins Road
Prairieville, LA 70769
Voice:  225.673.4490
Fax:  225.673.3572
4529 Bowden Road
Geismar, LA 70734
Voice:  225.746.0108
Fax:  225.746.0860
Industrial Coatings Contractors
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Established in 1987, Industrial Coating Contractors has become a leader in the protective coatings industry through a solid commitment to "becoming the best".  With emphasis on technology, safety, quality, reliability and integrity, we have built an organization trusted by our clients and respected by our peers.


ICC is based in Prairieville, LA (near Baton Rouge) with our operations routinely ranging from south  Texas on the west to Florida on the east and to Tennessee on the north.  We’ve become particularly efficient at working at locations remote from our home office.  Of course, as the size of a project increases, the cost of mobilization and administrative and logistical support becomes smaller and smaller in terms of percentage.   In times past we have worked at Collins, MS, Pelham, AL and Atlanta, GA for Colonial.

Last year, ICC’s sales were just under $20 million and, of that, fully 80% involves work on tanks.  As you know our client base includes most major refiners, terminals and petrochemical processors in the southern United States.  As an example, we provide ongoing maintenance painting services for ExxonMobil at their Chalmette, LA refinery.  Another of our clients is Shell Oil Company – we provide tank painting and lining services, on a continuing basis, for their facilities throughout the southeastern United States. 


ICC is always looking for qualified individuals.  Click here for positions and to submit an applicaiton.